Willi-Food Investments Ltd.

Welcome to the website of Willi-Food Investments Ltd. (hereafter: “the Website” and “Willi-Food”, respectively).

The website provides information and services relating to the Company’s activities and products.

Your use of the Website constitutes agreement to the terms of use specified in these terms of use and in other pages of the Website. It is hereby clarified that the terms of use may change from time to time.

Any reference herein to the masculine gender also imports the feminine gender and vice versa, and any reference to the singular also imports the plural and vice versa.

The section headings in these terms of use are for convenience purposes only.

  1. The services on the Website

1.1   The Website provides information and contents relating to Willi-Food’s activities and its products; those information and contents are mainly intended for consumers.

1.2   Each surfer is welcome to use the Website, subject to agreement to and acceptance of these terms of use.

1.3   Notwithstanding the above, Willi-Food may prevent or restrict any surfer’s use of the Website’s services, at its own discretion and for whatever reason, without having to provide explanations for doing so.

1.4  The Website may only be used for non-commercial purposes.

1.5   All rights to the Website and contents and services included therein, including copyrights and intellectual property rights belong to Willi-Food. The said contents and services, including the trademarks displayed on the Website shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever, without first obtaining Willi-Food’s express consent.

1.6  You may use the Website for non-commercial purposes only. You may not copy and use, or permit others to use, the Website’s contents in any other manner, including on other websites, electronic publications, printed publications, etc., for any other purpose.

1.7   The Website’s contents may not be displayed in any manner – including by means of any software, device, accessory or communications protocol – that alter the format thereof on the Website, or omit any contents therefrom, especially advertisements and commercial contents.

  1. Liability

2.1   The surfer is solely and fully responsible for his use of the Website.

2.2  The Website’s contents are available for use on an “as is” basis. The contents cannot be adjusted to meet the needs of each surfer, and surfers shall have no claim, suit or demand against Willi-Food in respect of unsuitability of the contents to their needs.

2.3  Willi-Food does not warrant that the details published on the Website in respect of its products shall be full, correct, lawful or accurate or meet the expectations and requirements of the surfers. Willi-Food assumes no responsibility or liability to any consequences arising from the contents or use thereof, or from reliance thereon.

2.4  The Website’s contents are available for use on an “as is” basis. The Website’s user shall have no claim, suit or demand against Willi-Food in respect of contents’ characteristics, capabilities, limitations and their suitability to his needs.

2.5  Willi-Food does not represent or warrant that the Website’s services will be uninterrupted, provided regularly or without disruption, will be secure and error-free, and will be immune to unauthorized access or to damage, malfunctions, faults or failure of hardware, software, or Willi-Food’s communications systems.

2.6  The surfer declares that he is aware that there may be errors or omissions in the information posted on the Website in connection with Willi-Food’s products, and that the Website will bear no responsibility or liability in respect of the surfer’s use of the Website and in respect of any consequences and damages that may be caused, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of the use of the Website. Use of the information obtained by the surfer is made at the surfer’s sole responsibility.

2.7  Products’ photos that are posted on the Website are for illustration purposes only, and there may be differences between these photos and the products that are sold, both due to electronic media limitations (transmission of colors, shades of colors, etc.) and due to changes, that are made in the products from time to time.

2.8  The information relating to the products and food included in the Website relies on data published by third parties on food packaging, as well as on data that were sent to Willi-Food by the manufacturers themselves. The Website does not add any data and/or makes changes to the data, but rather presents them as published by the manufacturers (while making adjustments that will make them compatible with the formatting, structure and system of the Website), including any additional information, product ingredients, allergy advice, nutritional values, kashruth, food colorings, preservatives, etc. Manufacturers change products’ details and data from time to time. One should therefore bear this in my and rely on the data written on the food packaging itself. The information posted on the Website regarding product ingredients does not substitute the information that is written on the product itself. Where in doubt, one should rely only on the information that is written on the product packaging. Willi-Food shall bear no responsibility and/or liability to any damage that may arise from the use of the data, since those data are not verified by Willi-Food (in laboratory tests); Willi-Food does not warrant that those data are correct. Those using the information shall have no claim and/or demand and/or suit against Willi-Food as a consequence of using the information displayed. Also, the data displayed on the Website may include errors and deviations and the user shall have no demand and/or claim in respect thereof.

2.9  Any reliance of a user and/or any third party on any photos, content, information, advertisements, products, services, opinions and positions that are posted or published in the products’ catalogue and/or on websites that one can access using a link on the Website, including information, content, opinions and positions that are posted or published on those websites, is done at the discretion of the user and at his sole responsibility.

2.10 Generally, Willi-Food and/or anyone on its behalf does not manufacture the products displayed on the Website and do not bear responsibility as to the quality and characteristics of the products, the names of the manufacturers and/or any representation that is made on the Website in connection with the said details. The products are presented on the Website in good faith and described by Willi-Food objectively, while relying on details provided by the relevant manufacturer. The presentation of the products on the Website should not be construed as a recommendation on behalf of the Website as to the nature, characteristics or quality of the products, the names of the manufacturers, etc.

2.11 In no event shall Willi-Food and/or anyone on its behalf be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever, including, and without detracting from the generality of the above, damages resulting from loss of use, data or profits, arising from or in connection with the use or performance of the Website, from delay of use or inaccessibility of the Website, from the supply or failure to supply products, or services, or from any information, software, product, service and related graphics that were obtained through the Website, and/or that arise in any other way from the use of the Website, whether in contract, tort or strict liability and/or any other legal theory, even if it and/or anyone on its behalf were advised of the possibility thereof.

  1. Changes to the Website

3.1   Willi-Food may update and/or amend and/or modify the terms of use from time to time without giving any notice and/or warning. The updated terms of use will be binding from the moment they are uploaded. You are invited to review the amended terms of use from time to time. Also, Willi-Food is allowed, at any given time, to transfer ownership of the Website and/or all and/or some of the rights to operate it to any other party.

3.2  Without detracting from the above, Willi-Food has the right to update the list of products and all details thereof, remove products that are out of stock and more.

3.3  The surfers shall not have a claim, suit or demand against Willi-Food, in respect of carrying out such changes or in respect of malfunctions that occur while such changes are carried out.

3.4  Without detracting from the above, Willi-Food may discontinue all or some of the activities of the Website at any given time.

  1. Recipes and additional information

4.1  From time to time, the Website may display recipes, information about food and nutrition, etc., that may include opinions of experts in these areas as well as various recommendations by specialists in these areas. It is hereby clarified and emphasized that the information and advice provided on the Website constitute general information only. This information is not intended as a substitute for examination and advice by healthcare professionals. This information should not be viewed as a diagnosis or professional (medical, nutritional or other) opinion or recommendation for treatment. For any suspected medical or nutritional problem or issue, always consult your physician or nutritionist.

4.2  The Website bears no responsibility for the correctness of the recipes displayed thereon; it is recommended that one takes advice from healthcare professionals on any health/nutritional issues. The Website shall bear no liability to any damages caused as a consequence of the use of the information and contents displayed thereon. All responsibility lies with the providers of the contents and information, who uploaded them to the Website.

  1. Financial statements

5.1   Willi-Food is a public company, whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (hereafter: “the Stock Exchange”).

5.2  Willi-Food publishes its periodic reports according to the provisions of the law.

5.3  These reports include, among other things, the description of the Company’s business, the directors’ report on the state of the Company’s affairs and the financial statements for each reporting period.

5.4  Each surfer may read the financial statements by clicking on the financial statements’ link on the Website, which directs him to the website of the Stock Exchange.

5.5  It is hereby clarified that the information provided in the financial statements is not comprehensive or exhaustive and is not a substitute for the official statements and reports, which Willi-Food sends to the Stock Exchange pursuant to the provisions of any law. Furthermore, the data included in the financial statements is updated as of the date of their initial publication. Please be advised that after the initial publication, these data may change and such changes may not yet be reflected on the Website. Therefore, the information included in the financial statements does not constitute part of the official publications that Willi-Food is required to issue and does not substitute these publications.

5.6  Willi-Food constantly endeavors to ensure that information on the Website is verified, updated and free of error. However, this information may be subject to mistakes, typos and other errors from time to time, including errors on the website of the Stock Exchange, on which Willi-Food has no control. In such cases, only the official publications and documents of Willi-Food shall be binding.

5.7  The information is provided on the Website on an “as is” basis. It is not intended to fit the needs, capabilities and objectives of each and every person.

5.8  The financial statements and the Website’s pages do not constitute any proposal, guidance, solicitation or advice on conducting any transactions, investments or actions by Willi-Food, and are no substitute for professional, personalized advice.            Willi-Food is not liable in any way for any damage or loss which may be incurred as a consequence of exclusive reliance on the information presented in the financial statements through this Website.

  1. Contents uploaded by Website’s surfers

6.1  Where the Website allows the uploading of contents by its users, then delivery of such contents is considered to be a confirmation on behalf of the user, to the effect that he holds the rights therein and is entitled to deliver them to be posted, and that he bears full and exclusive responsibility for any link, presentation or posting of such content.

6.2  It is prohibited to deliver to the Website contents which are offensive to a person or a group of persons, contents that incite against a person or a group of persons, call for or encourage violence, encourage racism or discrimination, are pornographic or intended for adults only or which are unlawful or the posting of which is unlawful or which encourage unlawful activity. Also, it is prohibited to create a link to the Website from any website that contains contents which are phonographic, encourage racism or discrimination or which are unlawful or the posting of which is unlawful or which encourage illegal activity.

6.3  By using the Website, the surfer undertakes to indemnify Willi-Food and anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense that they may incur as a consequence of a breach of these terms of use or due to any claim, suit or demand that shall be made against Willi-Food and anyone on its behalf by a third party as a consequence of contents delivered by a surfer to be posted on the Website or any use that he made of its services.

6.4  It is hereby clarified that contents which are delivered for display on the Website by surfers do not reflect the opinions or positions of Willi-Food, and the display thereof does not constitute a guarantee of their validity, reliability, accuracy or legality. Surfers who deliver contents for display on the Website are required to ensure that the contents and the display thereof are legal.

6.5  Each surfer on the Website hereby certifies that he is legally authorized to deliver the contents for posting and to give rights of use therein as described above and below. Willi-Food shall not be liable to any damage that may be caused due to infringement of owners’ rights in the contents. Each surfer shall be solely and fully responsible for each link, display or posting of contents carried out by him and he undertakes to indemnify Willi-Food for any damage incurred as a result.

  1. Links on the Website

7.1   The Website may contain links to various websites. It is hereby clarified and emphasized that the fact that the Website includes links to these websites does not indicate that Willi-Food agrees with the contents posted on these websites and is no guarantee that these contents are up to date, reliable, or lawful, nor is it a guarantee of the privacy procedures of these websites and any other aspect relating to the operation thereof. Willi-Food is not responsible for contents to which users are directed by the links, nor is it responsible for any consequences of the use thereof or reliance thereon.

7.2  Willie-Food does not guarantee that the links on the Website will work all the time and will direct the surfer to an active website. Willi-Food may remove from the Website links that were previously included thereon, or refrain from adding new links at its sole discretion.

7.3  The Website uses cookies in order to enable it to function properly, including for the purpose of collecting statistical data about the use of the Website, authenticating data, customizing the Website to suit the personal preferences of each surfer and for data security and privacy purposes. It is hereby clarified that each surfer can remove cookies files and/or prevent the creation of such files on his computer by changing the relevant settings. However, this will require him to update his user name and password, whenever entering these details is required by the nature of the service he wishes to receive on the Website.

  1. Intellectual property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights in the Website, the services offered and any content included therein belong to Willi-Food or to others who gave Willi-Food permission to use them. No use may be made of the said content, without first obtaining, Willi-Food’s express consent, in advance and in writing.

  1. Applicable laws

9.1  These terms of use shall be exclusively governed by the Israeli law.

9.2  The competent courts of the Tel Aviv and Center districts of Israel shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide any dispute concerning these terms of use.